Thursday, May 20, 2010

*Cocktail of the Week*

This week's cocktail is actually a shot....a delicious one at that. When you crave Chocolate need to bake one and think of all those calories/fat ughhh. Instead Opt for a yummy shot that tastes just like the real thing!

Frangelico (hazelnut liquour)~ Also, DeKupper's has one.
ABSOLUTE Citrus Vodka (Any Lemon Vodka is good)

Okay~ All you gotta do is prepare your lemon. Slice off the two ends then Lay it on one of the flat sides. Then Cut into peices.
Arrange on a plate with a mini mountain of sugar.

then...COAT your lemon slice with sugar!

You need equal parts of Vodka and Hazelnut Liquour. Put in a shaker of ice...shake up and strain into shot glasses...

Now here comes the FUN!

Take the shot...bite the lemon! that's a Chocolate Shake Shot!


Queni said...

nIcE bLoG :-D

check out my blog and tell your friends about it

Miss Yaya said...

sounds like a good one! will try to make this one!